Ways Of Getting On The Radar Of Headhunters For Legal Grads

Headhunting for legal jobs is picking up speed in the sphere of legal recruiting and more and more law school graduates are turning to legal recruiters for legal jobs and attorney jobs.

The conventional method of recruiting, that law firms earlier adopted, of placing advertisements, campus interviews and speaking to the candidates is no more the preferred option and firms are, more and more, approaching headhunters to find them the right candidates.

So how do law school grads and others keen on pursuing a legal career get on the radar of these headhunters – obviously until they know that you are there, they cannot approach you. Not only must you use all avenues available to let them know that you exist, it is also important to recognize and ascertain the right headhunters.

Talented legal professionals would be well advised to thoroughly investigate the headhunter who, dangles lucrative carrots before them and promises the best of attorney jobs. Anyone with even a smattering of legal knowledge can claim to be an expert and chances of being misled are high.

Well then, how do the candidates catch the attention of the headhunters who have the most lucrative and choicest legal jobs, including attorney jobs. The first thing to remember is that headhunters explore and chart the legal market. They search directories, shared networking sites and the press that is legal-specific. Candidates will be well served if they get themselves on these avenues, so that when the headhunters do their research, their names and details are accessible to them.

Update your LinkedIn Profile, write articles in the press on your areas of expertise, or comment on current legal matters and interact with editors of newspapers – make yourself as visible as possible. Visibility puts you into the limelight and marks you out one amongst many. Moreover, getting published in the legal press, shows that you not only have a passion for the job but that it is backed by knowledge of your work – it helps build your standing and status. Upgrading your LinkedIn profile will send a message to the headhunters that you understand the worth of marketing and promotion.

Headhunters also have contacts in law firms and they will be asking for recommendations so keep your networking contacts on the know that you are looking for an opening and would they be kind enough to propose your name when headhunters come calling.

If the headhunter cannot find you, you find the headhunter. Research the headhunter by doing an advanced search on Google, plug in different keywords, legal headhunter, legal jobs headhunters, attorney jobs headhunter. Once you find them, interact with them and then use your wisdom to decide if they are worthwhile or not.

Once the headhunter starts calling you, never allow him to dictate your job search – stay in control. Be very clear about the type of job you are seeking and at what level. Caution him that he is not to send your resume and other details to an employer without first informing you and seeking your consent and certainly not to a firm that does not have any current openings for attorney jobs. Once the headhunter knows where his authority begins and where it ends, he will work within those boundaries and you will not have to waste your time and energy on areas that you don’t want to frequent.

Even if you don’t go out of your way to attract the attention of the headhunters, but if you are doing a great job as an attorney and are excellent at your work, the headhunters will find you. Your work will speak for you – after all the one thing that all potential employers and the headhunters seek in their hires, is that will the lawyer they choose add to the business?