Death Touch – Why No Dim Mak Chart?

Recently, I found a chart of Dim Mak (the Death Touch) posted on the Internet. It was posted on one of my affiliate’s sites.

Because this “affiliate” has taken some of my articles and reports without permission, I can only assume that he doesn’t have the right to publish this chart either, but don’t worry. I don’t anyone will be dim makking left and right as a result of that chart.

In good conscience, I can’t post the chart for you. It wouldn’t be right to acknowledge this lack of respect for intellectual property. Besides, I don’t think you need it. Really…
Death Touch Analysis
Do I really think that by taking a little gander at the above mentioned chart the thousands of you who visit the site will be able to kill with a single touch?

Well, do you?


We need to talk more about reality vs. fantasy. Yes, there are elements of truth to Dim Mak. No, you probably won’t gain the expertise you desire by looking at a free chart on the Internet.

[And why do you want to know how to kill with a single touch, anyway?]

The idea of touching someone and then 36 hours later having them collapse from an aneurysm doesn’t do me a bit of good in the heat of a fight.

I need to defend myself right now.

And again, I ask, do you really want to be able to kill someone with a delay move?

Let’s be realistic, there are always consequences to our actions. If you were to perform the Death Touch on someone, you would be legally responsible for killing someone. You’d also have to live with yourself and your actions.

If you really need to kill someone, there are lots of efficient ways that don’t rely on finding a minute point on the body. You see many of these methods “faked” in the movies.

There are ways to take someone out of the picture, immediately — a gun, for example. A strangle hold. A cut of a knife.
But One Touch Is Cool (Impressive)
I am the first to admit, there is a certain attraction to being able to drop someone with a single touch. But there is really no need to kill someone with that touch.

Isn’t it impressive to be able to cause pain with a single touch?

Isn’t it desirable to be able to drop someone to the ground with the pressure of a single finger?

How impressive is it to make attackers completely lose their balance in a fight.

And how necessary, too!

I don’t know about you, but all of the above is much more important to me than being able to cause someone to cease to exist, forever.

This is why I study wrist locks and joint locks. For the control.

More Immediate Concern Than a Death Touch
If I were you, I’d worry much more about someone striking you with a solid, hard-to-defend-against strike.

You may never get a chance to do your secret moves, if you can’t defend against certain hand-to-hand combat attacks.